• Nilavarai | Sonamukhi | Senna Podi 50gm

Nilavarai or Swarnamukhi or Sunamukhi are leaves from a tree popularly known as Senna.

Its leaves are dried and powdered to be used daily to strangthen immunity and cure many diseases.

Nilavarai  is medicinal plant used by Indian sages and seers. It has been neglected till now and came into limelight recently.

Its names in different languages :- Latin – Cassia senna, Tamil – Nilavarai, Telugu – Nela Tangedu or Sunamukhi, Canarese – Sunnaamakki, Malayalam – Sunnamukhi, Urdu – Sana.

It is a tropical shrub and grown in India, China and Africa mostly. It tastes bitter and acrid and increases body heat. It should be used mildly and sparingly as medicine.

Nilavarai  Medicinal Usage

For strengthening all organs in body : Nilavarai (sunamukhi) powder is available in market.

if not, collect Nilavarai(sonamukhi) leaves and make its smooth powder.

Take 2-3 gms of this powder along mixed with 1 spoon honey and 250 ml of water, early in morning on empty stomach.

Continue this for 1 year to gain healthy, immune and strong body.

Chest Pain : Gas in stomach can pump up and cause chest pain for many.

For this, take 3gms of Nilavarai(sonamukhi) powder and mix with 1 spoon of sugar or candy sugar powder and consume along with 250 ml of water in morning before breakfast.

If necessary, repeat this in evening too before dinner.

This will remove excess gas in abdomen and chest regions.

Body pains : Take 5gms of sunamukhi powder mixed with 1 spoon cow ghee.

Repeat this before every time you take food.

Doing this twicee a day will make you feel better and remove all pains.

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Nilavarai | Sonamukhi | Senna Podi 50gm

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