• Mosquito Killer Trap Machine 1 Year Warranty

Mosquito Killer Trap Machine 1 Year Warranty


1.Traps mosquitoes and Kills them.

2.Odorless,Smokeless & Shock less.

3.Chemical Free.

4.No running expenses refilling.

5.1 Year Company Warranty.

6.Eco friendly machine.

Detailed Product Description Features :

Attract and capture mosquitoes into the machine, which is sucked in by the fan inside. Further to continuous air blown, the trapped mosquitoes are killed as a result of dehydration. Specification Input Voltage: 220VAC 50Hz Rated Power: 6W Pure Weight: 435g Gross Weight: 558g Package Size per device: 188×188×180mm This will search and catch the MOSQUITOES. This will attract the MOSQUITO and will kill them once it come close to the machine. We can see the MOSQUITO killed inside. There is no harmful chemical added in the machine. NO SMOKE!!! NO SHOCK!!! NO REFILLING!!! NO ODOUR!!!

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Mosquito Killer Trap Machine 1 Year Warranty

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