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Pachaa Traders (Organic Food Product Distributors), We are one of the pioneer suppliers of Organic,Traditional and Palm Products in the country. Started in the year 2008 as asmall vendor to major Organic and Traditional brands in South India, Now we arepleased to say that we are one of the trusted suppliers for all Organic Brandsin the country. Looking forward to grow and supply natural Palm products andother traditional products like Black Horsegram, Black Kauvni Rice etc ...
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Benefits of Palm Jaggery or Karupatti or PanaiVellam Sugar 

Palm sugar is derived from sap of palm trees. It is often added in Asian recipes especially in creating pudding type meals, curries and evencandies. It offers a sweet taste and the flavor is similar to a mixed molassesand brown sugar. It is used as natural sweetener. Palm sugar offers many greatbenefits. Due to its natural properties, it can lessen the risk of gettingdiabetes.
·        Nutritionalbenefits: Palm sugar contains vitamins and minerals, which can preventvarious diseases. If you will compare palm sugar to brown sugar and refinedwhite sugar, palm sugar has more nutritional benefits since it contains morepotassium, nitrogen and phosphorus. It is also a good source of iron and zinc. Zincis required for brain function while iron is needed to boost immune system.
·        Naturalsweetener: Palm sugar is low in glycemic index. It tastes and melts thesame manner sugar does. It also contains lots of minerals, phytonutrients andvitamins. It is also a good source of potassium and zinc. Palm sugar does notundergo the process of refinement or bleaching that is why many people preferto use it instead of standard sugar. The taste is also good since it is similarto caramel and does not offer any after taste. It can also be used in cerealsand drinks.
·        Reduce risk ofdiabetes: Using palm sugar to add sweetness to foods could reduce the riskof getting diabetes. Foods that belong to high glycemic index group canincrease the risk of diabetes while foods that have low glycemic index, as palmsugar may not affect the insulin production of the body.
·        Decrease risk ofcancer: Consuming low glycemic foods can also decrease the risk of breastcancer. Studies show that women who consumed many high glycemic foods havehigher chance of developing breast cancer compared to women who follow a lowglycemic diet.

About Palm Sugar:

Replacing white sugar with palm sugar will definitely helpprevent or postpone onset of diabetes because of its significantly lower GI.This can be particularly important for people who have family histories ofdiabetes or people who are diabetic prone. Palm Sugar helps reducing weight ina healthy way.
All carbohydrates are not the same. The Glycemic Index,(GI) is based on 25 years of research and ranks carbohydrates according totheir impact on the blood glucose levels. Glycemic Index measures the speed atwhich the food raises the blood glucose level of a person. Foods that areprocessed by the body more quickly are ranked high in the GI.
The GI of Palmyra Palm Sugar is only 41. Any food whose GI islesser than 55 is internationally considered to be Low GI.  
A diet rich in low GI carbohydrate – the carbohydrates thatproduce only small fluctuations in our blood glucose and insulin levels – isthe secret to long-term health. Since Palm Sugar is low GI, it does not raisethe blood sugar level immediately after consumption. Instead it is absorbedslowly by the body so it helps prevent or manage diabetes, hyperglycemia andhypoglycemia.